Hi, I'm Aafaq Inamdar,
Computer Vision Researcher implementing AI for making human life better! 

Currently in Mumbai, India. 


Computer Vision | Deep Learning | Sports Science | Synthetic Data | Computer Vision Engineer

My Skills in computer Vision. 

My expertise include doing computer vision using OpenCV, tensorflow, mediapipe, Nvidia SDK.(in decreasing order of expertise)

I have worked on a couple of pose estimation(VideoPose3d, movenet, BlazePose, openpose) and object detection(efficientdet, YOLO, mobilenet) and tracking(lucas kanade, siamask, deep sort) methods as well.

Other miscellaneous skills also include perspective transformation, trajectory of moving objects and 3D geometry.

I have used state of the art models with fine tuning as well as created some basic models from scratch. I have some experience with techniques like quantisation with TensorRT for increasing the speed of models and also have implemented them on both servers(AWS) as well as edge(Jetson- nano, Xavier, TX2). Other optimization I am slightly familiar with are openvino for myriad/OAK, TFlite for raspberry Pi.

My other skills include using creating sophisticated and intelligent algorithms using all the above tools which are worth some value. Also for vision with deep learning I create Synthetic data using tools like Unity3D for times when data is not enough or properly balanced.

I am also very good at tinkering(hardware assemble and software both) Linux systems and set them up for research work environment with all NVIDIA GPUs Cuda capabilities and popular deep learning frameworks building from source/pip/conda.

I am an experienced computer vision engineer with expertise in OpenCV, TensorFlow, Mediapipe, and the Nvidia SDK. My skills include pose estimation, object detection, and tracking using state-of-the-art models such as VideoPose3d, Movenet, BlazePose, Openpose, Efficientdet, YOLO, and Mobilenet. I am also proficient in techniques such as quantization with TensorRT to increase model speed, as well as optimization methods for myriad/OAK 3D cameras, Raspberry Pi, and edge devices like Jetson Nano, Xavier, and TX2.

Aside from my technical skills, I am also an expert in creating sophisticated and intelligent algorithms using all the above tools, and I have experience in creating synthetic data using Unity3D when actual data is not enough or properly balanced. Furthermore, I am proficient in tinkering with Linux systems and setting them up for research work environments, including all NVIDIA GPUs CUDA capabilities and popular deep learning frameworks built from source/pip/conda/docker.

Overall, my extensive experience in computer vision, coupled with my expertise in machine learning and hardware/software tinkering, makes me a valuable asset to any team or project.

Smart lifting coach

Object detection on Nvidia GPU 

Human pose estimation on stereo oak d pro VPU

Synthetic Data Generation for object detection

Synthetic Data generation for object detection (Bench-marked on efficientDet D2)

Results!(@ 0.5 IOU)


how it works?

COVID MASK no MASK Video detecion


IOT intrusion detection